Equipment basics

Storing and measuring your grain

Vittles Vault Stackable Container (store 50lbs. of grain!)

Shelving system (Best bang for the buck here)

Affordable scale for weighing

Your own grain crusher (I use this for homebrew!)


70 qt. Coleman Xtreme coolers – this will be your mash tun (how to build it here)
14 Gallon MoreBeer Economy Kettles  (these will be your boil kettles)
Kettle Thermometers (essential gear)
Bayou Classic KAB-4 Burners (for the outdoor brew day!)
LPG to NG Conversion Valves (to hook up your propane tank to the grill)
Immersion Chiller (I prefer an ice bath or a plate chiller)
1 Gallon Aluminum Pitcher
Dual Scale Refractometer (measuring your sugar content)
RT301WA Super-Fast Pocket Thermometer
Taylor 9842 Thermometer
Oxygenation system (buy the canister at a hardware store ~10$)
1/2″ High-Temp Silicone Tubing (much, much better than vinyl tubing)

6 Gallon glass carboy
Speidel Fermenters (my preference)
#10 Rubber Stoppers
15 cu. ft. Used Chest Freezer (Ferm Chamber)
Ranco Digital Dual-Stage Temperature Controller
Paint Can Heater (for when it’s cold outside)

Bottling, Kegging, etc.

Sterile Siphon Starter
Ball Lock cornelius five gallon soda kegs
64 oz Screw Top Growlers
Perlick Stainless Beer Faucet 630SS
4″ Faucet Shanks
Barbed Ball Lock Gas-In Disconnects
Barbed Ball Lock Beer-Our Disconnects
8′ x 3/16″ SuperFlex Beverage Tubing
3′ x 5/16″ Gas Tubing
10 lb CO2 Tank
Dual-Body Three Gauge Primary CO2 Regulator
3-Way Secondary Regulator
4-Way CO2 Manifold

Bottling from your kegs

I highly suggest using a Blichman’s beer gun, though a small piece of silicone tubing over the end of a picnic tap suited me just fine for years!

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