The Brewmaster

Alexander Porter

With a name like that, he better make good beer…

  • Alexander has been a homebrewer for over thirteen years, and has built a small-scale brewery in his garage. His brewhouse is a single-tier 15gallon stainless steel setup in his backyard. This allows for step mashing and high efficiency,
  • He’s been working in the biotech industry for over twenty years, and has taught a magnitude of classes based on the process of fermentation. Fermentation is an ancient science that plays an important role in making everything from medication to your household cleaning products.
  • Alex has a wealth of knowledge regarding the beer fermentation processes, so go ahead and ask him the ‘nerdy’ questions other brewers may not be able to answer!

For years he’s been working long and hard on scaling his recipes to include precise quantities/qualities that reflect balanced body, flavor, and aroma for his beers. His patented process enables him to create a delicious beer every time! This remains a favorable asset to Blue Oak fans and fellow beer experts and he prides himself on  being able to maintain consistency when scaling-up production.

“Have you ever tasted/brewed a beer that was overpowering or just not what you expected? Brewing is a science in itself, which can be applied by homebrewers and non-scientific enthusiasts to create beer in their backyards and garages. It can also be a very meticulous and creative process, following basic principles to emphasize flavor, clarity, body, aroma and mouthfeel. The secret is in the numbers and process.”

-Alex Porter.

What makes their beer so special?

Alex has worked in the biotech space for almost twenty years, before registering Blue Oak Brewing Company, LLC in June 2014. His focus and knowledge on fermentation process operations was the perfect preparation for brewing reproducible, high-quality products. This is why he believes people love Blue Oak’s beer and makes their product stand out.


Alex’s plans for Blue Oak Brewing Co. include a 7BBL microbrewery, with a naturally furnished interior for the tap room. All of our beers are named after the native animals of California. Therefore, creating an atmosphere in the tap room where people can feel like they are hanging out, outdoors while actually being indoors. Currently, we’re raising capital to make these dreams a reality. Every homebrewer inevitably dreams of taking that next step.  Our next huge step in being able to legally get Blue Oak’s beer and name into the public consumer market is securing and building out our production location.

Probiotic SODA?!

We’re excited about this emerging market! Right now there are a few types of probiotic sodas available, fermented with Acidophilus Lactobacillus . Alex started making soda because there were a lot of people who either didn’t like beer, were gluten intolerant or had kids. This way everyone could have something to drink and enjoy their night out. Making something that was healthy and refreshing plus, non-alcoholic has definitely been a big hit among all Blue Oak fans. Kids and adults have been seen going crazy over this stuff, and the demand for bottling sodas has been steadily increasing. His focus is to create other flavors and get them out to the public ASAP.

Our collaboration with the community

Since Blue Oak was a twinkle in Alex’s eye, he has made it a point to be involved in the community. The project really got going when he enrolled in a business course through the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in Downtown SF, and won the award for best business plan in his class! This class and their staff were critical in connecting Alex and his start-up with other entrepreneurs and business owners in the community. Renaissance does an incredible job in setting everyone up with mentors in familiar fields so that new business owners can learn the lay of the land, and create contacts and references in times of need or confusion. Throughout Blue Oak’s growth, Alex in turn has become the mentor; giving back to his fellow entrepreneurs and community by providing vital information, collaboration, and advice to those he meets through the program and in his daily life. Alex says that, he has become a figure of motivation for many of his friends and family members who want to start their own businesses. He always tries to encourage and inform them of all the classes and agencies at their disposal to get up and running. Support your local entrepreneur!

In addition, Alex has also been very active in the brewing and local artist community by collaborating and showing support for local art studios, home brewers associations and clubs through private and donation based events. Alex also tries to make it a point to visit and support other breweries while connecting with the brewers and/or owners to instill a sense of camaraderie. He believes that good beer only helps build the craft brewing industry’s market, meaning small guys like Blue Oak who bring great products to the table serve to strengthen the craft. There’s a lot of space for good brew, which makes it easy to collaborate with fellow brewers and owners because competition is not what makes or breaks the business in most cases, it’s what makes the industry thrive!